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Hello Design Lover!

I’m April- owner and lead designer
here at April Waltrip Interiors.

I’m so happy you stopped by!

I want to help you create a home that you can fall in love with over and over again. A place that represents your family and the way you live in your space.

Check out my portfolio, read about how we can help you on the blog, & drop a note to say hello!


Local & Long Distance Design Services

Modern Dining Room Interior Designer in Williamsburg, VA

Full-Service Interior

April Waltrip Interiors, LLC is a full service interior design firm in Williamsburg, VA.

If you’re looking for a designer to work with you to make your home feel sophisticated, but functional with a modern take on traditional design we handle it all for you.

We will work through your design needs, space plan each room, and procure all of the design elements.

The best part is REVEAL DAY where we serve up your gorgeous new space on a silver platter.

Williamsburg Interior Designer bedroom design plan

The ZHUZH Consultation

Zhuzh: “to improve in appearance by way of a slight adjustment.”

Not all houses need an entire overhaul. The Zhuzh package is perfect for those one or two spaces that need the most help.

Mood Board E-design Interior Design in Williamsburg, VA

DIY E-Design

All-inclusive remote interior design service for a single room.  

You know what you want it to look like, but you aren’t sure how to pull it together.
We plan it. You buy it at your own pace.


April Waltrip Interiors Williamsburg Virginia Designer