Kitchen Designer for a Day

Kitchen Designer for a Day

from $1,500

Get your kitchen right and avoid expensive mistakes!  

Whether you’re not sure where to start, or just need a helping hand to finalize decisions, Kitchen Designer for a Day is the fast track to getting the kitchen of your dreams.

Kitchen Designer for a Day is a 6 hour day of one-on-one design guidance. The day can be split into two half days. We’ll come to your home or meet at the local design center ready to source samples & help you make decisions.

This is the best option when you want to implement the project yourself with the guidance of a professional designer on selections.

Get your kitchen design right with our design services

Kitchen Designer for a day can be used for:

  • Selecting finishes, flooring, hardware
  • Styling
  • Reviewing design plans/layout
  • Sourcing plumbing fixtures, appliances, or lighting

Make the Most of Your Design Day

I want you to get the most out of your day, so do these things to prepare for your appointment.

  • Take measurements and photos of the existing space
  • Have detailed plans/construction drawings (if applicable)
  • Send me a link to your Pinterest board with your favorite kitchen ideas
  • Know your dislikes- letting me know what you loathe can save us time in planning and sourcing


  • In person showroom meetings for 6 hours
  • Help you select quality fixtures, hardware, lighting, appliances, lighting, flooring and more
  • Personalized, Detailed Shopping List added to your Studio
  • Budget Breakdown to Keep You on Track
  • Our PDF guides to help you prepare for your renovation
  • Client responsible for ordering and implementing the plan
Copy of Kitchen Design Board


  1.  Will you design my kitchen from top to bottom? Unfortunately no, that can’t be done in a day. We don’t do cabinet plans or construction documents. But if you have your layout in order, we can knock out the fun stuff!
  2.  What if I need more time? Let me stop you there- if we can’t nail down a solid design direction in the allotted time, either what you are envisioning doesn’t exist (within reason) or you are paralyzed by indecision. So, you can purchase additional time at $150/ hr, but I want you to really think about what you want for your kitchen before spending any more of your money!
  3.  What’s included in the guide/ report? We’ll list the specific finishes and fixtures recommended. We’ll outline our recommendations and put them into your online client Studio for easy reference.
  4.  Can I reschedule my time? Yes, there is no fee for canceling or rescheduling.
  5.  Are appointments refundable? We will gladly reschedule your appointment, however design work is done from the time of signing and is non-refundable.