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Vintage art prints perfectly curated for your new traditional home

Welcome to Shop Chinoiserie Chic from April Waltrip Interiors, a carefully curated collection of my most loved grandmillennial & chinoiserie home decor pieces.

You’ll find blue and white ginger jars and chinoiserie favorites to colorful entertaining items and gorgeous art prints!

Get the “new traditional look” and fill your home with beautiful things.

Curated Vintage Style Art

Fill your walls with gorgeous chinoiserie and grandmillennial style art prints and digital downloads.

chinoiserie floral art print3

Home Decor Pieces

Find all of your favorite home decor trends here with coasters, florals, bamboo photo frames, candles and more.

Ginger Jar Ornaments

Your love for blue and white pottery comes to life with this collection of ginger jar and pagoda glass ornaments.

blue and white boxwood ginger jar ornament set

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