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The Zhuzh

“to improve in appearance by way of a slight adjustment.”

It’s a 60 minute consultation, in home or via video chat, where we will discuss your goals for the space and I will help you choose paint colors, make layout suggestions, decor items or source certain pieces for your home. Need help choosing the finishing touches like lighting, art or accessories, the Zhuzh is perfect for you too. 

Is The Zhuzh Right for Me?

  • I want my home to be a functional, gorgeous place.
  • I’m ready to do the work to get it magazine worthy, but need suggestions on placement and furniture pieces. 
  • I’m a busy, hardworking professional who wants a beautiful home , but I can purchase, track and install my own furniture.
  • I make quick decisions, but don’t want to make expensive mistakes (I’m looking at you oversized furniture & wrong paint color).