Art Placement for Your Home

Art Placement for Your Home

Here are four ideas for the size and placement of artwork over your sofa. Having the proper scale is an important part of your room design.

Art is an essential pice of finishing the design of any room. And with that, it is so important for your artwork to be the correct size and proper placement.

Luckily, we are artwork hanging gurus- okay, you don’t want me swinging the hammer, but I’m great at measuring and micromanaging- and have this handy guide on choosing artwork and hanging it perfectly every time.

When tackling art over a sofa or a console table, bigger is better. We want to cover 2/3 of the width of the sofa/table and really have the art make a presence in the space.

Here are four ideas for hanging artwork arrangements in your living room, over a sofa or table. In general, you’ll want the pieces to hit 60″ wide over a full size sofa and 40″+ over a standard console table.

Rarely can you go too large. So, without further ado, let’s get hanging!

How to Hang Art behind a sofa
Hang art behind sofa