Behind the Scenes: What in the World is DIY Design?

You’ve poked around the website and you’ve heard of E-design (we call it DIY Design), but you still aren’t quite sure what it entails and how it works. So today, I’m going to show you through part of the process. You’ll get to pretend you are a design client & we’re working together.

Behind the Scenes: What in the World is DIY Design?

First things first- let’s walk through the process we use to get started. The great thing about working with April Waltrip Interiors is that we use the same steps for every process- and we share them with you before we start, so you always know where your project is at & what’s coming.

Step 1 is The Call. Maybe you emailed or messaged us on Instagram. We’ll reach out to send you a questionnaire & set up a quick call to see what your needs are so we can see what services will suit your needs.

Step 2 It’s a Date! After we’ve done the call, we set the consultation & this is your client kick off date! Every client gets a personalized consultation! This is the date from which everything in the timeline is based upon- it’s your client kickoff date!

For DIY-design, we will have discussed what rooms you want to redo and talk general budget numbers (in step 1). We will review the e-design contract during the consult and address any questions. Design fees are paid 24 hours before the consult- this creates mutual trust.

Now for the fun part. We will have you take measurements & talk about style, likes, dislikes, how your space needs to function. I want to know how clean or messy you are (because the more we know, the easier we can make living in your space). We’ll look at inspiration photos and Pinterest boards.

On this date, we will schedule all of upcoming meetings. This lets you know exactly where we are in the process and keeps your project on the perfect timeline.

Step 3 Concept Meeting (4 weeks from client kickoff). In this step, we will Zoom together. It’s a chance for us to ask any last questions and show you inspiration images before the big presentation. Here we make sure we are on the right track with your design.

Concept images
Concept images

Step 4 Design Days (weeks 5-8). Behind the scenes I am sourcing your items, planning the layout of the space, making mood boards & working on your special plan.

Step 5 Design Presentation (week 9)! This is your big day. We’ll have that Zoom meeting to go over your personalized design plan & talk about why we chose the elements in the presentation.

EDesign Affordable Interior Design In Williamsburg Virginia
mood board & design concept image
E-design Interior Design in Williamsburg, VA
scaled furniture layout plan

In this part of the process, we’ll screen share a presentation with you. It will start with the mood board. Then we will go over the floor plan. Next, we share the images of all of your design elements together on concept boards. (Note: we do not do exact 3D mockups of the space). The design images and floor plan will leave you with a solid concept, we promise!

Here’s what you’ll get in total:

  • Digital Vision Board
  • Scaled Floor Plan
  • Personalized, Detailed Shopping List (with links to buy)
  • Furnishings Spec Sheet (where to buy, dimensions of each piece, cost)
  • Budget Breakdown to Keep You on Track
  • Client responsible for ordering and implementing the plan.

Step 6 Run with It! It’s a sad day for us, because our work here is done. But, we’re also excited because we’ve left you with all of the right tools to purchase the perfect pieces and place them exactly where they are supposed to go in your home. The beauty of DIY-design is that you can wait until that perfect table goes on sale and swoop it up.

We will email you a packet with the vision board, floor plan, instructions for installing furniture, your shopping list, & budget spreadsheet so you can get to work as soon as your ready.

Go! You get to go shopping! Make sure you take plenty of before and after pictures- we love to see your photos. And if we’re loving them as much as you, we’d love to share them right here on our website.

If you’re ready for a home design that floods you with happiness, LET’S CHAT, MY FRIEND.



E-design AFTER photo
AFTER DIY design plan was implemented

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