A Walk Through A Family Room E-Design

A Walk Through A Family Room E-Design

Our E-Design services are perfect if you need help on the design side, but have the time or ability to handle the ordering, tracking, and contractors for your home.

When you work with us for a project, you have a few options:

  • A Zhuzh Consultation to get your burning questions answered and have confirm that your design ideas are headed in the right direction
  • DIY (also called) E-Design Package where we have a consultation, discuss your needs, work up a concept for the room, then give you a final presentation with sources to the furnishings and accessories; now you’re free to order and implement the plan as designed
  • Full Service Design- We do it all! A turn key experience where we get to know you, present a concept, have a big design presentation for your spaces, plus we order, track and install all of your spaces with our moving team & then you come home to a huge HGTV style reveal.

What Does E-Design Include?

Personalized for your specific spaces with your taste and investment in mind, you will receive: 

  • Digital Vision Board
  • Scaled Floor Plan
  • Personalized, Detailed Shopping List
  • Furnishings Spec Sheet
  • Budget Breakdown to Keep You on Track
  • Clear step by step details on how to place furniture and pull the room together
  • Client responsible for ordering and implementing above plan
  • Two designer meetings: Concept meeting to delve into style and preferences & Design Presentation where everything selected for your space is presented to you through images, samples, and the above deliverables.


Step 1: Inquiry

Fill out our online inquiry form based on the design service you need. One of our team members will contact you with our current timeline, rates and gather any additional information that is needed.

Step 2: The Call

We’ll call you. This is a complementary phone call where we review your inquiry and ask a few more questions to get a sense of your home & needs (exciting!) to see if your project is a good fit for the services we offer.

Design Report
I’ll be taking notes on the design report while we discuss your home and plans!

Step 3: ZHUZH & Client Kickoff Meeting
Week 1

$150 For each project, we schedule a Zhuzh consultation either in person locally or via Zoom if you are afar to see the space and discuss specific changes that can be made to your home. Typically, if you already know you want to book the DIY design service, we have our Client Kickoff Meeting.

Once the consult is complete, we assess the best services for your needs & determine how long it will take to complete the project.

  • 1-2 hour meeting will take place in your home (or virtually)
  • Contract is then signed by the client
  • Invoice is paid to move forward
  • Your design days are added to our calendar!
  • For remote projects: You will measure the space & email measurements and photos of each wall + any elements staying in the space before design work will commence.

Step 4: Concept Meeting
Week 4

Exactly four weeks from your kickoff meeting, we have a concept meeting. We will go over inspiration images, sample furniture layouts and answer any follow up questions specific to your design.

Step 5: Design Days
Weeks 4-8

Building a complete design presentation and proposal for your home. This part includes sourcing all of items for the space, creating a floor plan with lighting, art and accessories.

Bi-weekly Email: During this time, an email update is sent out every other week to you with a quick status similar to, “Hey, I found great wallpaper for your guest room- so excited!” Waiting is hard- these updates make it easier!

Step 6: Design Presentation
Week 8

It’s the big day: The Design Presentation for your home

  • 1-2 hour meeting (virtual)
  • Go over in detail your customized layout, furniture and accessory, and paint selections
  • Present virtual mood board, personalized shopping list, and links to purchase items and accessories
  • Answer any questions regarding the design plan
  • Reselections after this meeting (within 1 week)

Step 7: Ordering, Management & Delivery and Installation

You will complete the process from this step forward. By now we’ve provided the specific links for your items and a design report of general guidelines for choosing similar furnishings.

Order items at your own pace! Ordering: Links provided will include a mixture of retail and designer pieces. You may order as much or as little from the list as you would like, it’s up to you!

Complimentary general installation instructions are provided by email after the design presentation to help guide you through pulling the room together.