A Homework Area Bonus Space

A Homework Area out of a Bonus Space

We created this homework space for three busy kid, in a stair loft of an existing space that reflects their personality met with function.

If you have young children you know how much space backpacks, books, pencils and supplies can take up. You need a space to corral all of those things and provide a quiet space for getting homework work done.

Completed homework room with white desks and pink chairs

When I was approached to design a homework room (long distance) out of a bonus room at the top of the stairs, I knew exactly what the space would need: lots of drawers for storage, bulletin board that showcase artwork and gold stars, ample lighting and desktop space for laptops, books and homework.

Our sweet client measured the space and sent over a diagram to work with. We got to work sourcing desks that would fill the space exactly with 3 in a row, for the three little ones. We found the perfect desks from IKEA, which were installed and built in together by the contractor. He was able to mount them to the wall, to each other and even drill desktop holes for cord to make it to the outlets.

We brought color into the space with pink, purple, and blue chairs which are the children’s favorite colors!

Below is the rendering that showcased what the space would look like with the exact products we sourced. I love the brass lighting that will be functional in the evenings and brings warmth to the space.

Homework Room design phase

Another challenge we often have is working atop carpeting- chairs can be difficult to move around on plush carpet, so these custom floor mats create a nice firm rubber space for chairs to easily slide in and out.

homework room rendering

What’s your favorite part of this homework space? Do you need help designing a space to do homework, crafts or work from home? Become a client,¬†online or in person.