Chinoiserie Blue & White Ginger Jar Ornaments

Chinoiserie Blue & White Ginger Jar Ornaments

Cover your Christmas tree with something that celebrates classic beauty this holiday season! Our blue and white ginger jar ornaments offer a timeless touch of luxury and sophistication to your decor.

Each elegant ornament is hand painted and features boxwood and pagoda themes, providing a beautiful and unique way to showcase your own unique sense of style. At a large 6″ size, these will make a grand statement on your tree and offer a hint of grandmillennial charm.

blue and white boxwood ginger jar ornament set

These pieces are crafted from dolomite and glass, so not only will you enjoy their beauty this season, you’ll treasure them for years to come. Whether you’re creating a new holiday tradition with family or looking for a special touch to add life to your decor, you can’t go wrong with one of these gorgeous ornaments.

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See them in the wild

Here are some photos of a beautiful blue and white ginger jar themed christmas tree. We rounded out the ginger jar theme using:

  • Large boxwood ornaments
  • Blue ginger jars
  • Irriescent balls
  • Translucent white baubles
  • Gold finials
  • Gold shatterproof ornaments
  • Blue ribbon bow