Coastal Bedroom Design in Kingsmill Va

Coastal Bedroom Design in Kingsmill, VA

Who doesn’t love a calm and cool bedroom in your home? In this Williamsburg home we created a coastal feel with blue patterned wallpaper as the show stopper.

Looking for a way to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life? Look no further than creating your own luxurious coastal bedroom. Our design team can make all of your coastal dreams come true. Imagine waking up in a calm, refined space each morning, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated for the day ahead.

Blue is the perfect color to use in your coastal design bedroom to create a calming and serene atmosphere that mimics the colors of the ocean and sky. To achieve this look, I dressed the walls with a blue abstract wallpaper. Using a wallpaper, you can make a statement with a patterned design or add texture with a natural material like grasscloth.

Curtains are another important element of this bedroom design. Adding a woven shade adds privacy and light control while letting in plenty of natural light when wanted. On top of that, we layered drapery panels on an acrylic rod to bring in softness and color and tie in the wallpaper.

coastal bedroom design in Kingsmill VA with blue wallpaper and curtains

*Pro hint: use curtains to accent the color scheme of a room, whether it’s a subtle shade of blue or a playful pattern that carries the casual thread throughout the room.

Next, we added a chair in a cozy corner for reading and drinking coffee. Go for upholstery in a neutral shade or choose dusty colors that bring calm to the space. Choosing chairs with wood accents make the space feel even more organic.

Add a mini chandelier for a sleek and sophisticated design that will look stunning in your coastal-themed bedroom. This glass and gold chandelier, adds a touch of luxury to this space while still maintaining that coastal vibe.

Finally, choosing bedding with blue, linen and leather bring in a variety of textures to the space. Crisp, clean white bedding beneath makes for a fresh feel.

We chose textures and color to pull in our client’s love for a coastal feel without going all out starfish & beach driftwood in this room (there’s still a place for that)!

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