Ultimate High Point Market Packing List 2021

The Ultimate High Point Market Packing List 2021

Grab your Fall 2021 High Point Market Packing List today! The Fall 2021 High Point Market for Interior Designers, Furniture Retailers and Wholesalers is coming up this October.

Get ready to hit Market running with this packing list to ensure you have all of the essentials with you while walking the vendors at market. If you’ve ever been to High Point Market, you know there is A LOT to see, even more walking and you’ll want to travel light while still being prepared.

High Point Market Packing Lis

That’s why I’ve scaled down the packing list so that it contains the necessary items you’ll want to have with you like your phone, wallet, power bank, tennis shoes and ibuprofen. You won’t want to bring ALL THE THINGS because a heavy bag while walking 9 miles in a day is too much to handle.

Likely, your back and feet will be screaming at you, so lighten the load.

DAY 1 at High Point

For day 1, I typically carry a black leather backpack (from Freshly Picked) with a water bottle, fruit bars, power bank, phone and wallet. We’re armed with a map, list of Day 1 vendors and appointments, and the App.

As I hit the vendors on my list (mostly new ones), I gather business cards, catalogs and info I can put in my backpack as I go. I reserve Day 2-3 for appointments where I won’t gather as many things.

I like to start off at IHFC on day 1.

DAY 2-3 at High Point Market

On days 2 & 3 at High Point Market, I leave the backpack at my hotel and swap it out for a crossbody. I keep credit cards, ID, and business cards on me. I can fit a granola bar and usually grab water bottles at the vendors so that I don’t have to carry them.

I schedule appointments for this day so that I can meet with my reps, take photos and place orders, but not need to lug around brochures from new vendors.

I’m doing a broader spread on this day- likley hitting the Universal, Gabby, Arteriors & SOURCC showrooms that are in stand alone buildings all downtown. Make sure you have your App handy so that you can see which line to jump on to head to the next showroom.

Regardless of the day or bag, I start the morning with ibuprofen for the impending aches and end the day with Tylenol and lot’s of water.


I hope you have a great High Point Market experience. Here’s the link to download your PDF copy of the list. Do you have anything to add?

High Point Market Packing Lis